PRESS RELEASE: Thumbtack Technology: The Shifting Shape Of Software Development


Explosive Growth

After an explosive year in 2015 and a continued trend of 80% year-over-year average growth, Thumbtack Technology, an industry leader in high-load application development, makes major shifts in its organization to meet the needs of the fast-shifting technology space.

 New Roles in Executive Suite

Mark Leibowitz, who joined Thumbtack Technology in October 2011, was named Vice-President of Global Business Development, so he can focus on top tier strategic accounts in the AdTech, MarTech and FinTech verticals, further develop the partnership program, and expand into global markets. “The needs of the technology space change rapidly, and Mark knows how to keep his finger on the pulse of this market, as he’s done for decades. He connects with leaders in the space and brings a wealth of knowledge about business needs and technology challenges to the table each time”, says Thumbtack’s Chief Revenue Officer, Elizabeth Gallagher. “We are excited Mark has the opportunity to leverage his specific and finely-honed skill set in these arenas to broaden our reach.”

Gallagher was named Chief Revenue Officer in Q1, a new role at Thumbtack, a change seen in organizations across the technology space. “Companies are realizing that a dedicated senior officer to strategize and execute on generating revenue is a requirement in our quickly evolving tech space. And often this role, like mine, marries the initiatives between sales and marketing so we listen and respond to our customer base with a unified voice, to ensure both an air-tight fit, and build repeatable, continued growth. It is an exciting place to be.”

In addition, Thumbtack doubled its New York staff with additions to the sales, marketing and solution architecture groups, as well as a new client services department. “Our top priority is achieving customer success, and it begins from the very first touch all the way through to final deliverables. We are growing our teams to ensure we can deliver on that,” states Leibowitz.

Expediting Go-to-Market for Our Customers

Commenting on the company’s shift toward collaborative partnerships with an even stronger emphasis on lean, agile and continuous delivery, Leibowitz noted, “The pressure’s building for companies in the advertising, marketing and financial technology space to drive ROI for stakeholders in a hotly competitive field. Solid strategies to get to market quickly are more important than ever.”

Thumbtack Technology has successfully delivered over 500 innovative software projects for over 85 customers since 2006. Some of these projects have followed a staff augmentation model, but the majority of Thumbtack’s current work reflects a collaborative partner-in-development relationship. As CEO Ben Engber states, “Our value is our expertise in building high-load, data-driven applications that are scalable and fault-tolerant, combined with our ability to roadmap and develop software in a smart and effective way that delivers a return to our customers as early as possible.”

Thumbtack will continue to offer staff augmentation services when requested, but sees a tacit shift in demand toward collaboration, both to develop technology roadmaps geared toward driving business needs, and to define MVP’s and continuous delivery strategies to ensure strong market fit and early returns.

About Thumbtack Technology

Thumbtack Technology is a software development company specializing in building data-driven, innovative platforms for marketing, advertising, financial technology and media companies. We are a global team of  140 software developers and business strategists with an HQ in NYC. Customers include AppNexus, Madison Logic, Marimedia, Marin, TapAd, eBay Enterprise, MultiView, OKCupid, PlaceIQ, The New York Times, Boston Globe, and Penton Media.


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