Mobile Marketing Heats Up in 2016

With the number of global smartphone users predicted to surpass 2 billion by the end of 2016 and global mobile data traffic exceeding desktop data by 74 percent in 2015, mobile marketing is set to explode.

In today’s landscape, marketers are demanding tools that leverage mobile and urgency is key for Ad Tech. 2016 is predicted to be the year of mobile. And although there are a number of trends to watch for, here are some things that our customers (and we) are focusing on:

Location-based mobile marketing tactics are a top priority. We are working on solutions which create interactive experiences for their customers by offering real-time customized alerts and offers; tracking and segmenting systems for campaign optimization, and incorporate retail traffic and beacon data into marketing activities.

Mobile video advertising is growing quickly. As eyeballs shift away from the TV screen to the smartphone, advertising dollars are quickly following. At Thumbtack, we already see this growth creating substantial opportunity for many of our customers. We are using our expertise to develop solutions that will allow our customers to provide mobile video and ad formats that  drive engagement and revenue.

At Thumbtack Technology, we are very excited about the growth and future of mobile. As businesses and brands become comfortable with mobile, the demand for better Ad Tech solutions will increase.


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