MarTech and AdTech: A New Symbiosis

AdTech has been bringing its users actionable data for years, enabling precision-guided ads that deliver the clicks, sales and ROI that companies want. But marketing professionals and platform vendors have been realizing there are many more applications for that data than “just” advertising. MarTech is building quickly on what AdTech has accomplished—and taking it to new heights.

Although advertising has been a part of marketing historically, they often occupied separate silos—in that companies relied on in-house marketing departments, which in turn employed ad agencies for their advertising. With the rise of AdTech, those agencies could provide companies with actionable data about how many people clicked on ads, who those clickers were and whether those clickers became buyers.

Cue the data management platform (DMP), which pulls information from AdTech, CRM, online activity, and other databases to integrate it and make it actionable elsewhere. The DMP has helped MarTech take advantage of—and contribute to—a company’s data about its actual and potential customers and their behavior. The resulting data sharing is breaking down barriers between the two technologies, allowing advertising to work in harmony with lead nurturing and lifecycle management.

As those barriers come down, MarTech benefits from AdTech’s groundbreaking technology practices in several ways.

Leveraging consumer data. For a long time, MarTech data was limited to page views and clicks, which is where AdTech got its start—at least in demonstrating publisher’s value to buyers.

But MarTech has been turning to AdTech and its innovative, large-scale data pipelines to learn how to gather more valuable insight such as what demographics are viewing and clicking, how engaged users are, and what the prospects are for creating more personalized experiences that offer the right incentives to the right customers.

Like AdTech users, MarTech users rely on analytics to understand visitor behavior so future campaigns can be more precisely tailored for particular demographics and users. The back-end systems designed to achieve these data insight driven campaigns, which AdTech is known for, can and are being mirrored in MarTech.

Automation. Programmatic buying is the hottest topic in advertising. Massive amounts of user data inform the incredibly complex auctions that ad buyers and sellers use to place ads for maximum impact and ROI. Now MarTech is applying those principles of programmatic ad buying to execute MarTech automation. Everything from responsive social interaction, personalized content recommendation, email campaigns, and customized subscription management  is being fueled in great part by the lessons learned (and systems built) in AdTech.

Third-party integration. Taking its cue from AdTech, whose success is contingent on connecting DSPs, SSPs, Ad Servers and Exchanges (like Facebook Exchange, DoubleClick by Google, and AppNexus), MarTech is weaving together large ecosystems to maximize data access and usage as well as integrated engagement activity. Pulling data and automating activity with CRM, Social, Content and AdTech partners means MarTech can provide businesses with Universal Profiles and 360˚ Views of prospects and customers throughout the buying journey, which in turn may allow marketers to reach and serve their audiences more effectively than ever before.

Who can say what’s next for these siblings? The only certainty is that AdTech and MarTech will continue to get smarter, and so will the companies that take advantage of their work.

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