How are IAB’s DEAL and LEAN Programs Impacting Adtech?

It’s generally accepted that the rise of ad blocking has been a response to ad practices  which ignore consumer experience and that it was on us as an industry to change.  According to BI Intelligence, ad blocking software is approaching 200 million users and the numbers are expected to continue increasing. In response, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has developed two initiatives to improve online and mobile advertising practices.

The first one is the LEAN Ads program, which was launched in October of last year. LEAN stands for Light, Encrypted, Ad Choice Support, Non-Invasive. This program is set to address the reasons consumers are using ad blockers in the first place. By doing this, the program is not aimed at overhauling advertising practices and placements  entirely, but rather an attempt to create a different set of standards to provide choice for marketers, content providers, and consumers. The IAB Tech Lab recommends publishers to take advantage of this program to decrease the effects of ad blocking. Read more

Three Keys to Upgrading Your Legacy Platform to Compete in Today’s Market

As organizations face increasing pressure to deliver more business value from their technology spending and to free up funding for new business initiatives, squeezing value out of their existing technology continues to be one of the top-of-mind concerns for CIOs and CFOs.

We’ve worked with dozens of companies to find effective ways to modernize legacy systems that increase customer retention and achieve new user growth while leveraging the technology investment they’ve already made, and are happy to report they’ve successfully met the demand of both their organization and customers. Read more

Mobile Marketing Heats Up in 2016

With the number of global smartphone users predicted to surpass 2 billion by the end of 2016 and global mobile data traffic exceeding desktop data by 74 percent in 2015, mobile marketing is set to explode.

In today’s landscape, marketers are demanding tools that leverage mobile and urgency is key for Ad Tech. 2016 is predicted to be the year of mobile. And although there are a number of trends to watch for, here are some things that our customers (and we) are focusing on: Read more

PRESS RELEASE: Thumbtack Technology: The Shifting Shape Of Software Development

PRESS RELEASE: Thumbtack Technology: The Shifting Shape Of Software Development


Explosive Growth

After an explosive year in 2015 and a continued trend of 80% year-over-year average growth, Thumbtack Technology, an industry leader in high-load application development, makes major shifts in its organization to meet the needs of the fast-shifting technology space.

 New Roles in Executive Suite

Mark Leibowitz, who joined Thumbtack Technology in October 2011, was named Vice-President of Global Business Development, so he can focus on top tier strategic accounts in the AdTech, MarTech and FinTech verticals, further develop the partnership program, and expand into global markets. “The needs of the technology space change rapidly, and Mark knows how to keep his finger on the pulse of this market, as he’s done for decades. He connects with leaders in the space and brings a wealth of knowledge about business needs and technology challenges to the table each time”, says Thumbtack’s Chief Revenue Officer, Elizabeth Gallagher. “We are excited Mark has the opportunity to leverage his specific and finely-honed skill set in these arenas to broaden our reach.” Read more

Join Us for Snacks, Beer and a Free Consultation

We would like to invite you to participate in a free consultation on Friday, August 12th  from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at WeWork City Hall. In these one-on-one consultations, you will be given the opportunity to ask our solutions architects questions about the best practices and latest industry trends related to dev issues that you may be experiencing.

Our Solution Architects have experience in NoSQL, Spark & Hadoop, real-time bidding and optimization, high volume/high performance apps, big data, audience segmentation and much more.

For more information and to register give us a shout.  Beer and snacks will be provided! Read more

Audience Segmentation Leaps across Verticals

Thanks to the wealth of consumer data-gathering tools, audience segmentation is rapidly becoming  more sophisticated  and varied in its application. Audience segmentation, historically used for better-targeted advertising, is now central to dozens of product categories across a wide array of verticals, affecting bottom lines and driving revenue.

FinTech: Moving dollars through segmentation

For FinTech, the ability to segment data to find audiences with unmet needs has been a driving factor in its competition with legacy banks. These days, for example, many FinTech players are targeting millennials, small businesses and the underbanked due to their cost savviness and openness to remote delivery.

But FinTech is also using big data and advanced analytics to predict actions, understand customer needs and deliver financial services via new channels ranging from mobile phones to wearables, says a December McKinsey & Co. report. An example is a new credit-scoring system based on unusual metrics like college attended, college major and social network data. Other FinTech functions slated to benefit further from segmentation include credit provision, customer acquisition, customer servicing, relationship deepening through cross-selling, and customer retention and loyalty, McKinsey says. Read more