Data Switch Wows at Ad:Tech New York

Data Switch Wows at Ad:Tech New York

It was so great to meet you all and we’re so happy that you came by our booth! For all of us that attended this year’s Ad:Tech New York conference, we can probably all agree that the ability to effectively harness data is key to creating consumer value!

We talked with all of you who came by our booth during the conference, and the takeaway was that this is both an opportunity and challenge. With the overwhelming amount of data from consumers, it is important to have to solutions that can analysis and determine actionable insight. The future of marketing will involve delivering content tailored not only to the right customers, but also to where they are located, and at a time when they are most likely to see it. Read more

Improve Business and the Customer Experience with Data Switch!

In today’s business world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the enormous amount of consumer data. And with all the clutter, it can be difficult to determine what data will help improve your business performance and the customer experience.

After hearing about this challenge from several of our customers, we developed data switch, custom solutions for right time data.

Here’s what you can expect with Data Switch: Read more

MarTech RoundUp 2016: Investment Activity at an All Time High

MarTech RoundUp 2016: Investment Activity at an All Time High

Players in MarTech are having an encouraging funding year so far.

“You may have heard by now how the VC landscape underperformed in Q4 of 2015, but don’t let those news reports fool you into thinking the sky is falling,” states a recent report on “With venture capital investments changing significantly in the last two years, the 2016 landscape is shaping up to be a completely different experience than ever before.”

Investments compared to last year

The MarTech segment set records in global venture capital funding in the second quarter of 2016 at more than $5.05 billion. That’s already 72 percent of the $7 billion MarTech firms netted over all of 2015.  A large portion of that funding, some $3.5 billion, was invested in May alone. Read more

Crazy for Bots: The Benefits and How They Will Take Over Business

A lotta bots are getting hot.

“If you’ve been reading some of the tech trades lately, you would be forgiven for believing bots have finally taken over society,” writes Christian Brucculeri on “Once we look past the noise, the opportunity is vast.”

Their widespread use is being driven by advances in artificial intelligence and by burgeoning mobile messaging, with analysts predicting that by 2020 humans will be sending 160 trillion mobile messages daily. That’s huge for marketers, since average read rates in mobile are 90 percent compared to 25 percent for email. Read more

Finding Ready-to-Buy Customers Through Buyer Intent Prediction and Customer Behavior Forecasting

The winning recipe involves big data and sophisticated digital analytics tools, with a dash of old-school predictive techniques thrown in.

Behavioral forecasting or behavioral biometrics is increasingly being used to find businesses ready-to-buy customers and provide info as to what, when and how they’re likely to make a purchase. A study last year found 78 percent of marketers believe use of such “intent data” leads to better ad relevancy, while 67 percent believe it provides a competitive edge. Read more

Mobile RoundUp 2016: Mobile Device Sales Slow Down and Usage Continues to Climb

Now that sales of mobile devices are set to slow down to single-digit growth this year, many analysts are noting how smartphones are being effectively integrated with other media.

“The lines between desktop, mobile, TV and film are beginning to blur,” states a 2016 Comscore report on cross-platform technologies.

The report points to trends this year as increasing use of mobile apps (now accounting for almost 50 percent of all time on digital media); more use of mobile by traditional print publishers to attract new readers; and ramped-up mobile use for consumer shopping. Among other intelligence in the 2016 mobile market: Read more

Join Us for Snacks, Beer and a Free Consultation

We would like to invite you to participate in a free consultation on Friday, September 9th from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at WeWork City Hall. In these one-on-one consultations, you will be given the opportunity to ask our solutions architects questions about the best practices and latest industry trends related to dev issues that you may be experiencing.

Our Solution Architects have experience in NoSQL, Spark & Hadoop, real-time bidding and optimization, high volume/high performance apps, big data, audience segmentation and much more.

For more information and to register give us a shout.  Beer and snacks will be provided! Read more

Peer-to-Peer Lending: Predicted Growth and Surprising Acquisitions and IPOs

The peer-to-peer (P2P) lending that’s enabled start-ups to take a chunk out of banking market share remains one of the fastest-growing segments in FinTech.

While the U.S. logged a relatively modest $5.5 billion in P2P loans just two years ago, some analysts believe the P2P market will reach $150 billion or higher by 2025, partly because consumers tend to perceive such lenders as offering lower interest rates, easier applications, real-time updates and faster turnarounds. The tech-savvy millennial generation is particularly drawn to FinTech solutions, especially mobile wallets, mobile money and alternative payment solutions. One study says millennials are 10 times more likely to use P2P lenders than their fellow Americans 50 and older. Read more

HealthTech Revolution: Radical Technological Change and Innovation Transforms Healthcare

Big changes are coming down the pike in how our healthcare is structured and delivered, with radical technological change and innovation transforming services at lightning speed.

For example, an Accenture study this year shows 48 percent of healthcare executives in the U.S. now use automation extensively for IT tasks, 47 percent for customer interactions. A full 70 percent say they’re making more investments in embedded artificial intelligence, with 69 percent reporting more spending on machine learning.

The solutions leveraged are addressing multiple segments of the industry, including patient care, telemedicine, data-driven patient-profile systems and medical wearables. Read more

FinTech Takes the Lead in Blockchain Investment

In response to ever-encroaching security and privacy threats worldwide, one of the next up-and-coming technologies is blockchain, which allows for secure online transactions of all varieties without need for middlemen of any kind.

The projected impact of the cost- and time-saving methodology is being compared to that of the internet. And while it has yet to be embraced by FinTech as a whole, at least 40 of the world’s top financial institutions are experimenting with the ledger technology that quickly and transparently tracks the movement of assets, cutting the risk of fraud.   Read more